QK13 Series CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

Model: QK1325

CNC pipe thread lathe is a special machine tool for pipe thread turning machining. Its feature is that the spindle bore is relatively large (usually 130 mm or more), and the spindle box has chucks before and after, in order to facilitate the clamping and processing of large-diameter pipes and rods. Can turn metric, imperial cylindrical, tapered pipe thread, can also be used to replace outer lathes, boring holes, internal and external taper surfaces, and planes, etc. in lathes. The lathes are widely used in the petroleum sector, the gold manufacturing department, chemical industry, hydropower, and geological exploration. Other departments deal with the machining of drill pipes, drill boats, and casings.

Product Description

Standard Accessories:

QK series CNC Pipe threading lathe machine is mainly designed to process all kinds of internal and external pipe threads including metric, inch, module, DP and taper threads, as well as having all the common functions of normal CNC lathe such as processing the inner bore and end face of shafts and disks.

Optional Accessories:

This series lathe machine is widely used in industries including petroleum exploiting, coal and minerals mining, chemical piping and geological prospecting, it is high-efficiency equipment in processing and repairing drilling pipe, drilling rod, thread coupling and so on.

Products Specification

CapacitySwing over bedmm100010001000100012001400
Swing over cross slidemm610610610610710800
Distance between centersmm1500/30001500/30001500/30001500/30001500/30001500/3000
Pipe threading rangemm130-270190-320190-380270-430330-510330-630
Guideway widthmm7557557557557551100
Max. load capacityT6666610
SpindleSpindle boremm280330390440520640
Spindle speed steps-VF. 4 stepsVF. 3 stepsVF. 3 stepsVF. 3 stepsVF. 3 stepsVF. 3 steps
Spindle speed rangerpm10-32010-2808-2058-2058-1902-120
Chuckmm4-jaw manual4-jaw electric4-jaw electric4-jaw electric4-jaw electric4-jaw electric
TurretTurret/tool post-NC turret 4 position
Tool shank sizemm40 x 4040 x 4040 x 4040 x 4050 x 5050 x 50
FeedX axis travelmm520520520520620750
Z axis travelmm1250/27501250/27501250/27501250/27501250/27501250/2750
X axis rapid traversemm/min400040004000400040004000
Z axis rapid traversemm/min400040004000400040004000
TailstockTailstock quill diametermmφ160φ160φ160φ160φ160φ220
Tailstock quill taper-MT6MT6MT6MT6MT6Metric 80
Tailstock quill travelmm300300300300300300
MotorMain spindle motorkW222222222237
Coolant pump motorkW0.1250.1250.1250.1250.1250.125
DimensionWidth x Heightmm2050 x 20502080 x 20802220 x 21202220 x 21202300 x 22002500 x 2500
WeightNet weightT10.5/11.511.5/12.512.0/13.013.0/14.015.0/16.018.0/19.3
Please note: machine bed length can customize according to real work demand, extra-long bed heavy duty lathe can customize simplified CNC pipe threading lathe without protective cover.

QK13 Series CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

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