10T Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Large Size Lathe


Main Features:

These lathes can perform to turn end faces, cylindrical surfaces and internal holes as well as metric, inch, module and pitch threads. The top slides can be operated individually by power for cutting short taper surface also, can be turned automatically through the compound movement combining longitudinal feed with the top slide feed, moreover, the machines may be used for drilling, boring and trepanning. They are characteristics of power, high spindle speed, high rigidity. The various ferrous and non-ferrous metals parts may be turned through the heavy cutting by carbon alloy tools.

Product Description

Standard Accessories:

4-jaw chuck; steady rest; follow rest; dead center; center sleeve; working lamp; coolant system; foundation screws; tools; english manual;

10T Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Large Size Lathe

Products Specification












CapacityMax. swing diameter over bedф1290mmф1440mmф1640mmф1840mmф2040mm
Max. swing diameter over gapф1750mmф1900mmф2100mmф2300mmф2400mm
Max. swing diameter over carriageф900mmф1050mmф1250mmф1450mmф1650mm
Width of bed1100mm
Max. length of work piece1000-16000mm
Max. bearing weight between centers10T
SpindleSpindle nose1:30
Spindle bore diameterф120mm ; ф130mm (optional)ф130mm
Spindle bore taperMetric No.140
Spindle speed range3.15-315r/min  21Kinds  Forward2.9-290r/min   12Kinds   Inversion
Spindle front bearing inner diameterф200mmф220mm
FeedsLongitudinal feeds range0.1-12r/min  56Kinds
Transversal feeds range0.05-6mm/r  56Kinds
Metric threads range1-120mm    44Kinds
Inch threads range3/8-28TPI    31Kinds
Moudle threads range0.5-60mm    45Kinds
Pitch threads range1-56TPI      25Kinds
TailstockTailstock sleeve taperMetric No.80
Tailstock sleeve travel300mm
Tailstock sleeve diameterф260mm
MotorsMain motor power30KW
Rapid motor power1.5KW
Coolant pump power0.125KW
WeightWork piece length 5m21170kg21860kg22500kg22920kg23590kg
Each 1m added or lost, weight increased or decreased by 1050kg

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