CKL Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

Model: CKL61125


1.One-piece bed adopts high strength iron to ensure rigidity and precision

2.Ultrasonic frequency quenched guide-ways ensure good wear-resistance

3.Carriage and guide-way contact surface use Turcite B to maintain accuracy

Product Description

Introduction of CNC Lathe Machine

This series CNC Lathe Machine is universal standard heavy duty automatic machining equipment for metal processing, suitable to process big size shaft and plate workpiece, with the main characters such as reliable structure, easy operating and high accuracy, this series lathe machine is mainly used for turning the internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface and other rotating surfaces, as well as turning various type of threads etc.

1. Spindle adopts high precision rolling bearings, high precision rotary plate aspect to adopt high precision ball screw
transmission, good dynamic performance, precision positioning.
2. The machine tool guide with wear-resistant cast iron and after the audio quenching, the hardness of the HRC45 above, can ensure the long-term stability of processing accuracy.

The Advantage Of CNC Lathe Machine

A heavy-duty lathe machine can rotate the workpiece along its axis for grinding, cutting, drilling and other operations just like a normal CNC lathe machine . However, traditional CNC lathe machines are only for general use, heavy duty lathe machines are designed with special turning spindles that are different from other machines.

Heavy-duty CNC lathe machine  is not an independent machine. Heavy duty CNC lathe machine is a unique kind of CNC lathe. If you want a very advanced lathe that does not need to be upgraded in the future, then a heavy-duty lathe machine is certainly a good investment.

The Application Of CNC Lathe Machine

Compared to traditional machines, heavy duty lathe machines are made of high quality materials and are equipped with the most advanced technology. The various designs of heavy duty CNC lathe machines involve its center height, bed width, maximum swing, spindle type, travel time, etc.

Heavy-duty CNC lathe machines are highly efficient machines that are particularly suitable for high volume production due to their in-machine turning advantages. Heavy-duty CNC lathe machines are ideal machines for shop metalworking and metal spinning applications, as well as for repair shops, power plants, rolling mills, shipyards, paper mills, and even metal production work in the textile, oil and mining industries.

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Our main products are CNC lathe machine,hydraulic swing beam shear and hydraulic bending machine. According to the material of hydraulic swing beam shear, choose different CNC lathe machines.

Our CNC lathe machines are very cost effective and efficient, Haven features a compact design, hydraulically driven, with a variety of length. Each CNC lathe machine is rigorously inspected for seamless installation in your shop.

To learn more about our CNC lathe machine , please contact us.

CKL Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

Products Specification

CKL Series CNC lathe (1100 rail)
CapacitySwing over bedmm12501440164018402020
Swing over cross slidemm710820102012201420
Distance between centersmm3000-100003000-100003000-100003000-100003000-10000
Guideway widthmm11001100110011001100
Max. load capacityT10--2010--2010--2010--2010--20
SpindleSpindle boremm100100100100100
Spindle bore taper-/Metric 120Metric 120Metric 120Metric 120Metric 120
Spindle nose type-A2-15A2-15A2-15A2-15A2-15
Spindle speed steps-VF. 4stepsVF. 4 stepsVF. 4stepsVF. 24stepsVF. 4 steps
Spindle speed rangerpm10-30010-30010-30010-20010-200
Chuckmmφ1250 4-jaw manualφ1400 4-jaw manual
TurretTurret/tool post-NC turret 4 positionNC turret 4 position
Tool shank sizemm50 x 5050 x 5050 x 5050 x 5050 x 50
FeedX axis travelmm7007508309301020
Z axis travelmm2850-98502850-98502850-98502850-98502850-9850
X axis rapid traversemm/min40004000400040004000
Z axis rapid traversemm/min60006000600060006000
TailstockTailstock quill diametermmφ220φ220φ220φ220φ220
Tailstock quill taper-Metric 80Metric 80Metric 80Metric 80Metric 80
Tailstock quill travelmm300300300300300
MotorMain spindle motorkW3737373737
Coolant pump motorkW0.
DimensionWidth x Heightmm2550 x 23502600 x 24002700 x 25602800 x 27602900 x 2900
WeightNet weightT22.6-28.923.6-29.924.6-30.925.6-31.926.6-32.9
Please note: machine bed length  of heavy duty cnc lathe can customize according to real work demand.

CKL Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

CKL Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

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