Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

The hydraulic press brake includes a stand, table and clamping plate.

Our CNC bending machines are very cost effective and efficient, Haven features a compact design, hydraulically driven, with a variety of length and tonnage ratings. Each hydraulic bending machine is rigorously inspected for seamless installation in your shop.

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Hydraulic Press Brake Mahine Features

1. Adopting all-steel welded structure with vibration stress relief.

2. High machine strength and good rigidity.

3. Hydraulic upper drive, smooth and reliable.

4. LCD multi-level Chinese menu display, humanized intercourse interface, intuitive and easy to operate.

We are specialized in manufacture and export the hydraulic press brake bending machine, laser equipment and the lathe machine, More than 25 years of export experience has enabled us to successfully export our products to the USA, German, Russia, Chile, Peru and etc more than 50 countries.

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