Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

CNC Press Brake Machine Manufacturer

Haven Equipment CNC Press Brake Machine Manufacturer develop and produce CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with a reputation for superior quality and dependable services. To fulfill the goal of producing high-quality hydraulic press brakes applied to machine tools at reasonable prices, the company employs an experienced staff of engineers conducting research and development in new areas of press brake machines, as well as ongoing improvement programs for current hydraulic press brakes.
Check out our other series, such as Hydraulic Shearing MachineLaser equipment and the Lathe machine.If you have further interest in our products, just feel free to contact Haven CNC Press Brake Machine Manufacturer ! CNC Hydraulic Press Brake is a machine tool used to bend sheet metal by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die to form the intended bend. We have different sizes of press brakes, choose from 63 ton, 70 ton, 2000 ton bending machines according to your needs.

The CNC Hydraulic Press Brake includes a stand, table and clamping plate. Our CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes are very cost effective and efficient, Haven features a compact design, hydraulically driven, with a variety of length and tonnage ratings. Each hydraulic bending machine is rigorously inspected for seamless installation in your shop.

To learn more about our bending machines, please contact us.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Features

1. Adopting all-steel welded structure with vibration stress relief.

2. High machine strength and good rigidity.

3. Hydraulic upper drive, smooth and reliable.

4. LCD multi-level Chinese menu display, humanized intercourse interface, intuitive and easy to operate.

We are specialized in manufacture and export the CNC Hydraulic Press Brake bending machine, laser equipment and the lathe machine, More than 25 years of export experience has enabled us to successfully export our products to the USA, German, Russia, Chile, Peru and etc more than 50 countries.

Main Function:

  1. Automatic bending sequences calculation and setting.

  2. Multi-aspect programming, graphics programming, data programming and one page programming table.

  3. Millimetres/Inches, KN/Ton and languages selection.

  4. Programmable material properties and axes speed.

  5. Bend sequences and real-scale tooling visualization while bending.

  6. Computed functions include tooling safety zones, press force, crowning adjustment, developed length, axes position, operation modes and etc.

  7. Step repeat up to 99 (maximum).

  8. Error messaging system.

  9. Hand-wheel movement of all axes.

  10. Advantage:

  11.  High-speed Free Fall

  12.  High Bending Speed.

  13.  High Return Speed.

  14.  Very low noice level.

  15. Perfect Positioning:

  16. Haven CNC Hydraulic Press Brake is equipped with a Back gauge constituted by a solid structure in order to assure the best repetitiveness and high precision in axes positioning.


  18. The Haven CNC Hydraulic Press Brake is as fast as it is accurate. With accuracy numbers like +- .0004 and repeatability to match, these CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes take a back seat to no machine made anywhere. As with all the CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes in the Haven lineup, our concept of “large strokes, high openings and deep throats is ever present in these machines, which allow the operators to make parts with larger flanges and make the removal of those parts much easier for the operator to manage. With easier quicker setups, a more operator friendly control, a press that moves at breakneck speed, the end result is more parts in the bin by the end of the shift with a higher piece to piece overall quality.

  19. We are leading name in the field of CNC Press Brake Machine Manufacturers. These feature precision designing standards and come supported by latest software to ensure optimum performance. Further, these Conventional Press Brakes are available in options of 2500 mm to 4000 mm with the structure stress relieved and accurately machined for achieving optimum rigidity.

  20. Our experienced operation team also ensures the quality of each and every component used during stages from procuring of raw material to manufacturing and final assembly of machine is well tested for delivering optimum performance.

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