Hydraulic Folding Machine & Hydraulic box and pan brake

Hydraulic Folding Machine & Hydraulic box and pan brake


Our industrial grade Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake machines are constructed of steel for maximum rigidity. Equipped with a robust and quiet hydraulic logic system to clamp your workpiece with ease. Our box and pan brakes are made for simple operation with a conveniently located control panel to place on either side of the hydraulic brake. Easily operate the brake in jog or auto mode to accomplish any bend between 0-120 degrees. This body style is wide, stable, smooth and can be bolted down in place for maximum accuracy. This Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake machine is fully hydraulic controlled,quiet and easy to operate.it is suitable for bending box type products with its split sectional clampers. 

Maximum opening is up to 200mm, upper clamper auto retraction and fast angle adjustment is available. 
it is specially suitable foe use in the kitchen ware, hardware and the furniture making industry.

Product Description

Hydraulic Folding Machine

Function and characteristic of hydraulic folding machine press brake:

√ The machine tool is full welded-steel plate construction. After vibration aging treatment, the deformation is minor so that the accuracy can be ensured.

Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake Machine is hydraulically powered. It is low energy construction, easy to maintenance and durable in use.

√ Upper acting die is sub-portfolio with the open height up to 110mm and suitable for producing disk, box like workpieces.

√ The bending angle and back gauge is controlled by numerical control system, rapidly and accurately

Main components

Hydraulic Folding Machine

√ Front extensive arm, 5 pieces

√ Anchor bolt, 4 pieces

√ Nut, some pieces

√ Washer, some pieces

√ Oil gun, 1 piece, Foot pedal

The W62K series is CNC control machine, the S type is CNC control the bending angle, the D type is CNC control the bending angle and back gauge.

Optional Equipment:

  • One-piece straight finger instead of assorted fingers , extra

  • Safety fence for enclosure of the front side of the machine

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The hydraulic bending machine includes a stand, table and clamping plate.

Our bending machines are very cost effective and efficient, Haven features a compact design, hydraulically driven, with a variety of length and tonnage ratings. Each hydraulic bending machine is rigorously inspected for seamless installation in your shop.

To learn more about our bending machines, please contact us.

Hydraulic Folding Machine

Products Specification

Max openingmm110110110110110110110110
Y100-M-4Y112-M-4Y112-M-4Y112-M-4  B3Y112-M-4 B3Y112-M-4Y132-M-4  B3Y132-M-4  B3
Oil PumpNo.

Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake

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