Hydraulic Folding Machine & Hydraulic box and pan brake machine

Hydraulic Folding Machine & Hydraulic box and pan brake machine

Product Description

Hydraulic Folding Machine

Products Specification

Main Parameter for Hydraulic box and pan brake machine

Model WH62K-5x3200WH62K-4x3200WH62K-4x2500
Max. Bending thickness(mm)544
Max. Bending width(mm)320032002500
Bending angle135°135°120°
Max distance between pressing beam and worktable(mm)110110110
Main motor(kw)5.544
Machine Dimension(mm)3850x1640x16503850x1640x16503350x1640x1650
Machine Weight(kg)480043003900

Function and characteristic for Hydraulic folding machine:

√ The machine tool is full welded-steel plate construction. After vibration aging treatment, the deformation is minor so that the accuracy can be ensured.

√ Machine is hydraulically powered. It is low energy construction, easy to maintenance and durable in use.

√ Upper acting die is sub-portfolio with the open height up to 110mm and suitable for producing disk, box like workpieces.

√ The bending angle and back gauge is controlled by numerical control system, rapidly and accurately

Main components

√ SIKO digital display device

√ Integrated hydraulic system-OMEGA-USA

√ Axial plunger pump-SHANGHAI

√ HENGLI main motor

√ Japan VALQUA seals-JAPAN

√ SIEMENS main electric parts-GERMAN

Standard Accessory

√ Front extensive arm, 5 pieces

√ Anchor bolt, 4 pieces

√ Nut, some pieces

√ Washer, some pieces

√ Oil gun, 1 piece, Foot pedal

The W62K series is CNC control machine, the S type is CNC control the bending angle, the D type is CNC control the bending angle and back gauge.

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