Gap-Bed Conventional Lathe Machine Universal Lathe


Standard Accessories:

3 jaw chuck; 4 jaw chuck; steady rest; follow rest; face plate; drive plate; coolant system;

working light; dead sleeve centers, foundation bolts, tools and tool box; english manual;

Product Description

Main Features:

1. CS series lathe machine, B type spindle bore 82mm,C type spindle bore 105mm.

2. Can perform internal and external turning, taper turning, end facing, and rotary parts turning.

3. Threading Inch, Metric, Module and D.P.

4. Respectively with through-hole spindle bore, that can hold bar stocks in larger diameters.

5. Inch and Metric system are used on this series lathe, easy for people from different measuring systems countries.

6. Power supply of different voltages and different frequencies as per user's demand.

Gap-Bed Conventional Lathe Machine Universal Lathe

Products Specification








CapacityMax. swing dia. over bedmmΦ500Φ660Φ800
Max. swing gapmmΦ710Φ870Φ1000
Max. swing dia. over slidemmΦ300Φ420Φ560
Max. workpiece lengthmm1000/1500/2000/30002000/300
SpindleSpindle bore diametermmB type 82mm, C type 105mm
Type of spindle nosenoISO 702/II NO.8 com-lock type
Spindle speedrpm24 steps 9-1600C type :12 steps 36-1600B type: 24 steps 8-1400C type:12 steps 30-1400
Spindle motor powerKW7.5
TailstockDiameter of quillmmΦ75Φ90
Max. travel of quillmm150
Taper of quill (Morse)MT5
TurretTool O.D. sizemm25X25
FeedMax. X travelmm145
Max. Z travelmm310
Z feed rangemm/r0.012-2.37mm/rev, 93kinds; C series0.027-1.07mm/rev, 65kinds
X feed rangemm/r0.028-6.43mm/rev, 93kinds; C series0.063-2.52mm/rev, 65kinds
Metric threadsmm0.5 - 224 mm, 48 kinds;  C series1 - 14 mm, 22 kinds
Inch threadst.p.i72 - 1/4 TPI, 48 kinds;  C series 28 - 2 TPI, 25 kinds
Module threadsπmm0.5 - 112 π mm, 42 kinds;  C series0.5 - 7 π mm, 18 kinds
Diametric pitch threadst.p.i.π56 - 1/4 DP, 42 kinds; C series 56 - 4 DP, 24 kinds
OtherCooling pump motor powerkW0.12

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