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Main Features:

This machine tool is widely applied to the cutting operations of various spare parts, including end face, conical face, excircle, internal hole, metric thread, English standard thread, module thread, diametrical pitch thread, etc. In addition, it is applicable to the technologies such as drilling, hole-reaming, jacketing, boring, groove-cutting, etc. Hard alloy tools may be utilized to cut the screw threads and machine various ferrous metals and nonferrous metals. The size precision of spare parts machined via this machine tool can be IT8 and the surface coarseness may be 6.3μm.

Product Description

Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine CW62123C

The Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine CW62123C is a heavy-duty and high-precision lathe machine designed for industrial use. This turning center is an automatic lathe machine that provides multi-tasking capabilities to improve production efficiency and expand product lines.


1. High-precision: This CNC lathe machine has a precision control system that ensures precise and accurate machining, resulting in high-quality products.

2. Heavy-duty: The machine is designed to handle large workpieces and has a sturdy structure that can withstand heavy loads, making it perfect for processing large parts.

3. Multi-tasking: The machine can perform various machining operations such as turning, drilling, boring, threading, and more, which saves time and increases productivity.

4. Automatic: The machine can be operated automatically, which eliminates the need for manual operation and reduces labor costs.

5. Competitive price: We offer this industrial lathe machine at a competitive price without compromising its quality and features.


1. Aerospace: This horizontal turning machine is used for manufacturing components used in the aerospace industry, such as landing gear, engine components, and turbine blades.

2. Automotive: The machine can be used to manufacture parts for vehicles, such as engine blocks, crankshafts, and gears.

3. Heavy machinery: This heavy-duty lathe machine is suitable for processing large components used in heavy machinery, such as wind turbines and mining equipment.

4. Educational institutions: The machine is ideal for educational institutions that provide machining and engineering training, as it allows students to practice with a high-precision and multi-tasking lathe machine.

5. Government agencies: The machine is used in research and development facilities for processing equipment, especially in the defense industry.


1. Versatile machine tool suitable for cutting operations on various spare parts.

2. Capable of cutting end face, conical face, excircle, internal hole, metric thread, English standard thread, module thread, diametrical pitch thread, etc.

3. Applicable to technologies such as drilling, hole-reaming, jacketing, boring, groove-cutting, etc.

4. Horizontal Lathe Machine can machine both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

5. Horizontal Lathe Machine utilizes hard alloy tools for cutting screw threads and machining metals.

6. The industrial lathe machine achieves high size precision with a tolerance of IT8.

7. Horizontal cnc lathe machine delivers a smooth surface finish with a coarseness of 6.3μm.

Standard Accessories

4 jaw chuck; 3 jaw chuck; steady rest; follow rest; dead center; reduction sleeve; working lamp; coolant system; tools; foundation bolt; level blocks; maintenance kits; english manual;

Note: less than 2000mm (including 2000mm) lathe steady rest and follow rest are optional.

Optional Accessories

CE standard including chuck guard, turret guard, big electric box; SINO DRO for 2 axis or 3 axis;

Lead screw cover; Chasing dial; Live center; Face plate; Foot brake;

CE Standard Horizontal Lathe Machine Hot Sale in Europe

Products Specification












Swing over bedmm10301230143016301830
Swing in gapmm12901490169018902090
Swing over cross slidemm700900110012401440
Distance between centersmm1500,2000,3000,4500,6000
Length in gap from face platemm380
Spindle nose
C11or D11
Spindle boremm105,130 (optional)
Spindle speeds/stepsrpm/steps10-800/187-531/186-480/18
Cross slide travelmm615715815815
Top rest travelmm300
Rapid traversemm/minZ:3240; X:1870
Quill diametermm120
Quill travelmm270
Quill taper
Bed widthmm610
Metric threadsmm/kinds1—240/53
Inch threadstpi/kinds30—2/31
Module threadsmm/kinds0.25—60/42
Diametral pitch threadsLpi/kinds60—0.5/47
Main motor powerkw11

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