Precision Shearing Machine QH11D series

A brakemotor driving through a shaft-mounted speed reduction unit and controlled by a selector switch for single of continuous strokes provides quite instantenous engament. Different from the traditional driving method of mechanical shear, it is one of the most advanced miniature mechanical shear, and enjoys good reputation both at home and abroad. The low cutting angle and inclined shear direction reductes bowing and twist to a minimum. Blade clearance is easily set by a manually operated quick set device. It is an ideal truecut machining equipment of metal sheet and nonferrous metal sheet.

Product Description

A mechanical precision shearing machine is a machine tool used for cutting sheet metal and plate. It consists of a table, a blade, and a cutting beam that is activated by a mechanical mechanism, such as a crank or lever. The blade is mounted on a pivot, which allows it to move up and down to cut the material.

Mechanical precision shearing machines are typically used in metal fabrication shops and are used to cut sheet metal and plate into various sizes and shapes. They are known for their accuracy and precision, making them ideal for cutting materials that require tight tolerances.

Some of the key components of a mechanical precision shearing machine include the blade, the cutting beam, and the bed or table. The blade is the cutting edge of the machine and is made of high-quality, hard-wearing material such as high-speed steel or tungsten carbide. The cutting beam is the part of the machine that applies force to the blade and material being cut, while the bed or table provides support for the material being cut.

Mechanical precision shearing machines are generally slower than hydraulic shearing machines, but they are also typically less expensive to purchase and maintain. They are also relatively easy to operate, with simple controls and intuitive interfaces that allow operators to quickly and easily set up and run the machine.

Performance characteristics of Mechanical precision shearing machine

1. The uniquely designed full-working table top, the frame adopts steel plate welding structure, vibration aging eliminates stress, ensures the machine tool has high static, dynamic stiffness and shock absorption performance, ensuring that the machine tool precision can be maintained for a long time.
2. The trajectory of the tool holder is inclined forward to the vertical support surface of the lower blade, and a good shear section can be obtained. The upper blade can be adjusted with a jacking screw to minimize the burrs of the cut edges.
3. The pressing device adopts a butterfly spring, and the pressing plate presser foot has anti-slip mats, and the pressing force is large, and the surface of the sheet material is not damaged.
4. This machine tool uses a completely independent closed gear box, which is directly mounted on the main shaft for transmission, compact structure, good gear lubrication, low noise and long service life.
5. The machine tool has no clutch and flywheel, and directly uses the electromagnetic brake motor to drive the shear, which reduces the idle running time of the motor and saves energy to a certain extent.
6. The front of the machine tool has a scale display size, the back block is a screw drive, can be adjusted synchronously, E21S display size, easy to operate.

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Products Specification

Main specification as follow:

Max cutting thickness0.5-2.5mm0.7-3.5mm0.7-2.5mm0.7-3.0mm0.6-3.0mm0.6-3.2mm0.6-3.2mm0.7-2.5mm0.7-3.5mm
Max cutting Width2500mm1250mm1300mm1300mm2100mm2000mm2200mm3050mm
Cutting angle1.5°
Travel number of top post47min-1
Per time travel no10min-1
Height from worktable to ground800mm
Motor speed1380rpm
Machine dimension  length3124mm1860mm1910mm2060mm3124mm2624mm3124mm3599mm3124mm
Machine weight2000kgs1440kgs1350kgs1320kgs1850kgs1900kgs2300kgs2500kgs2200kgs

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Precision Shearing Machine QH11D series

Precision Shearing Machine QH11D series

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