Hydraulic Shearing Guillotine Cutting Machine QC11Y/K-16x3200

 1. The second generation of shear.
 2.Welded steel plate construction, heating to eliminate stress,with high strength and good rigidity.
 3.Advanced integrated hydraulic system with and excellent reliabitity quality.
 4.Rapidly,accurately and conveniently adjusting the blade clearance by motor
 5.The adjustable rake angle can minimize plate deformation.
 6.As the cutting beam has been designed in inner-inclined structure,it is easy for plates to fall down and the accuracy of products can be also guaranteed.
 7.Shearing in sections,shadow-line cutting.
 8.Counter for the motorized back gauge.
 9.Back support device (optional).

Product Description


The appearance structure of hydraulic shearing machine products 

1).Using UG analysis method, by computer aided optimization design

2).The machine's body adopt whole sheet plate welded structure, with good strength,inflexibility and resistance to shock

3).Overall framework is using the way of sand derusting , and spraying antirust paint

hydraulic shearing machine features

1).Work surface is equipped with auxiliary cutter holder ,easy to trace conditioning blade

2). Work surface is equipped with feeding roll the ball ,operating conveniently

3). Blade gap adjustment adopts stepless adjustment, to meet the need of different thickness and material of shear

4).Rectangular blade , can use four cutting edge for shearing,this can extent the blade's life

5).Adjust the shearing stroke, this can improve the working efficiency, and can also realize block shear function

6).Shearing frequency count by itself,this action can reduce some intricate inventory work

hydraulic system

Advanced integrated hydraulic system, reduces the pipeline installation, ensure the reliability and safety in the operation of the machine height

  1. Pressure institution: the installation on the back plate in front of the frame after several material cylinder inlet pressure,

  2. pressure is expected to head down after overcome the tension of the tension spring, pressure plate. Upon the completion of the

  3. shear, by means of the torsion spring tension and reset. The size of the force that press a material with the increase of the

  4. shear plate thickness are increased

electrical control system

1). The electrical components and materials in accordance with international standards, safe and reliable, long service life

2). This machine adopts the 50 hz, 380 v power supply three phase four wire system. Machine motor three-phase 380 v, the

single-phase 220 v line lamp. Control transformer USES the two phase 380 v. Control transformer output 220 v for the use of

control circuit, in which 24 v supply solenoid directional control valve. 6.3 V supply lamp use.

3). Machine electrical box is located in the left side of the machine tool. The operation of the machine components in addition to

the pedal switch, all concentrated in front of the machine tool button on the site, each operation procedures element function by

its image at the top of the symbol of Peugeot .

.hydraulic shearing machine before and after the block material

  1. 1). Before the keep-off: placed on a table surface, with instructions numerical scale, to adjust the activity block is to achieve

  2. the required keep-off values. When cutting thin plate keep-off shear convenient before use.

  3. 2).Stopper: installed in the tool carrier, with the upper tool post to bobbing up and down, the adjustment by the 0.55 KW motor

  4. drive behind, after geared by the screw drive, the press the regulation when pressing "+" and "-" to block plate the adjustment of

  5. the forward or backward, digital display size (location) in motor adjustment cannot achieve the required adjustment value, can be

  6. manually adjusted twisted round manual fine-tuning to ensure that the required adjustment value, behind so adjusting is convenient

  7. and reliable. Behind when shearing to length of sheet metal is greater than the maximum keep-off distance, baffle plate can be

  8. open to the last position, to raise keep-off plate, sheet metal shear can be arbitrary.

Character of Plate Shearing Machine

Character of Plate Shearing Machine

1. The whole machine adopts full steel welding structure, vibration eliminate stress, has the very good rigidity and stability
2. Adopts advanced hydraulic integrated manifold, compact structure, reduce the pipeline connection, improve the reliability of system and easy maintainability
3. Frame and cutting beam offer maximum rigidity and resistance to deflection and tensional force for accurate shearing of mild steel up to 40mm. This guillotine shear features four cutting edges that can be turned three times before grinding for increased production life.
4. Advanced integrated hydraulic system with excellent reliability quality.
5. Rapidly, accurately and conveniently adjusting the blade clearance with the handwheel.
6. The shear angle does not change when the tandem cylinder is sheared and adjustable rake angle can minimize plate deformation.
7. As the cutting beam has been designed in inner-inclined structure, it is easy for plates to fall down and the accuracy of products can also guaranteed.

E21S Controller

E21S Controller

1.Backgauge and block control

2.Control for general AC motors, frequency inverter

3.Intelligent positioning

4.Stock counter

5.Holding/decompression time setting

6.Program memory of up to 40 programs

7.Up to 25 steps per program

8.One side positioning

9.Retract function

10.One key backup/restore of parameters


12.Chinese /English

Products Specification

Main Specification and Feature

TypeCutting Thickness (mm)Cutting Width (mm)Stroke Number (/min)Travel of Back gauge (mm)Shearing Angle (0)Working table height (mm)Power ofMain motor (kw)

Machine reference photos:

Hydraulic Shearing Guillotine Cutting Machine QC11Y/K-16x3200

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