VMC1580 Vertical Machining Center

Configuration description of vmc1580 vertical machining center

The mechanical part of the machining center refers to: X, y, Z three axes are steel ball rolling linear guide rail, guide rail load is large, span width, high precision. It is equipped with 24 disc magazine, which is assembled and inspected according to relevant domestic standards.

Product Description

The mechanical part of the machining center refers to: X, y, Z three axes are steel ball rolling linear guide rail, guide rail load is large, span width, high precision. It is equipped with 24 disc magazine, which is assembled and inspected according to relevant domestic standards.

Main configuration

1. Resin sand casting.

2. Taiwan silver ball screw.

3. Precision lock nut.

4. BT40 / φ 150 spindle (danquan, Taiwan).

5. Supercharged cylinder made in Taiwan.

6. Special support bearing for lead screw (NSK).

7. High quality coupling.

8. Imported electronic lubricating pump

9. Pneumatic components (Yadeke, Taiwan).

The balance box of nitrogen is used as the main shaft.

11. Chain chip conveyor (optional).

12. The system is equipped with knd2000mc1i as standard.

13. Disc 24 Taiwan Magazine.

14. Taiwan's upper silver line

Products Specification

Technical parameters:

SpindleTaiwan danquan   (bt40-8000 / bt50-6000)
X、Y、Z guide railTaiwan's Shanghai   silver line
Screw support   bearingNSK
Cog beltAlong with   spindle
Bed structureHigh quality   resin sand casting
Chain chip conveyorOptional accessories
Worktable area1600X800
X、Y、Z travel1500X800X700
Booster cylinderAlong with   spindle
T slot5-22X135
X、Y、Z lead screw5016/5016/5016
Max. Loading of   worktable1500KG
X、Y、Z feed rate24000、24000、18000
Positioning   accuracy±0.01mm
Repositioning accuracy  ±0.008mm
Spindle motor   power11/15KW
Distance from   spindle center to column guide rail surface855mm
Distance from   spindle nose to worktableBT40:190-890
Internal   defense X / Y   axis stainless steel guide rail protection z-axis aluminum curtain
Net   weight / Gross weight12/13T
Column type"Human"   shape

The company has the right to modify the parameters. Changes are subject to

change without notice. thank you!!

Ⅰ.Product introduction and Application

The product is x, y, Z three axis servo control semi closed loop vertical machining center. The structure and dimension are compact and reasonable, and the spindle is driven by servo motor. It can be used for machining complex parts, such as small and medium-sized parts, such as boring, reaming and so on It can also form an automatic production line for mass production to ensure the product quality and efficient production of parts.

Ⅱ.Main structural features

1. The base, sliding seat, worktable, column, headstock and other main foundation parts are made of high rigid cast iron structure with reinforcing ribs distributed inside the base. The sliding seat is of box structure, which ensures the high rigidity and bending and shock absorption performance of the foundation parts. The column adopts "herringbone" structure, with stable foundation and good rigidity. The foundation parts are made of resin sand and aged treatment to ensure the machine The stability of long-term use accuracy of the machine tool ensures the stability of the machine tool performance.

2. X, y, Z three axis are steel ball rolling linear guide rail with large load, wide span and high precision. With automatic forced lubrication, high-speed and stable movement of the machine tool is realized;

3. High precision and high strength ball screw is used for feeding in X, y and Z directions, with high feed speed; the driving motor is directly connected with the screw through the elastic coupling, and the feed servo motor directly transmits the power to the high-precision ball screw without backlash, so as to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine tool;

4. High speed, high precision and high rigidity spindle unit of Taiwan famous brand is adopted, with strong axial and radial bearing capacity, and the rotating speed reaches 6000rpm;

5. The spindle adopts central air blowing structure. After the spindle looses the tool, the central high pressure gas is used to clean the inner cone of the spindle to ensure the clamping accuracy of the tool;

6. The guide rails and lead screws in X, y and Z directions are sealed to ensure the cleanness of the screw and guide rail, and ensure the transmission and motion accuracy of the machine tool;

7. Semi protective structure design is adopted for external protection of machine tool, which is convenient to use;

8. It adopts Taiwan's high-quality 24 disc tool magazine, which has the advantages of accurate tool change, short time and high efficiency. It meets the reliability requirements after one million operation tests. It has damping structure, which can reduce the impact when moving and ensure the service life of the tool magazine. It is pneumatic driven and has the shortest path tool change;

9. It adopts centralized automatic lubrication device, timing and quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, which is stable and reliable;

10. The machine is easy to operate, flexible and fast;

11. The accuracy shall be manufactured and accepted according to GB / t20958.2-2007 inspection conditions for machining centers Part 2: geometric accuracy inspection for vertical machining centers and GB / t8771.4-1998 inspection conditions for machining centers - Part 4: positioning accuracy and repeatability of linear and rotary axes.

The positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.01, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.005

12. CNC control system (standard configuration)

The system has perfect and reliable interlocking, safety protection and fault diagnosis alarm functions, which can realize DNC processing.

13. Standard configuration

a) Taiwan spindle unit 6000rpm;

b) CNC system: system knd2000mc1i, spindle servo motor power 11kw; 24 disc magazine.

c) Centralized automatic oil lubrication;

d) Full protection sheet metal cover;

e)Water cooling, (air cooling).

14. Machine tool accessories

No.NameSpecification   or markingQuantityRemark
1Collet chuck   handleBT401
2circlip4、6、8、10、12、14、16、1 for each
3Pull pinP40T-MAS4031
4Adjustable pad   iron
5inner hexagon   spanner4、5、6、8、106

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