Types of Hydraulic Machines in the Machine Tool Industry

Jan. 08, 2022

The mechanisms of machines are of variable types. In the case of shop components, mechanical, hydraulic and CNC are the three main and generally preferred methods. Each method has its own significance in terms of performance and the type of machining required. Hydraulic machine tools supplier HAVEN shows you.

Computer Numerical Control

equipment is designed to produce products hundreds of times over. the biggest advantage of CNC is that it can help manufacture products of the same quality. The machine really takes the manufacturing of products to a new level.


The main purpose of hydraulics is to obtain perfect design results and smooth functionality in complex industrial processes. The basic reason for using hydraulics is to apply a force at one point and transfer it to another.

Types of Hydraulic Machines in the Machine Tool Industry

Hydraulic Folding Machine & Hydraulic box and pan brake machine

Mechanical characteristics

The industry that uses the equipment ensures that each piece of equipment used has mechanical characteristics to design the process in a better way. Mechanical feed tools allow manual control of product sliding. yash Machine Tools is the right place where the engineering industry can find all types of shop systems, including hydraulic and computer operated models.

CNC in Automation

CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC bending machines and CNC shearing machines are some of the top computer-aided shop equipment that reflect the improved performance of automated operations. Products such as camshafts and crankshafts can be precisely cut with the help of CNC lathes through an automated process.

Bending Machines

Bending machines can now be used within the mechanical range. Bending machines are designed to provide maximum stiffness and minimum deflection. It contributes to high speed work, maximum output and low maintenance. Hydraulic bending machines work by fluid pressure, which can be increased or decreased depending on the process. These two adjustable devices are found to be the most efficient than CNC because changes cannot be made to the mechanism in an automated system.

Hydraulic shears

It is also known as a die-cutting device that helps to cut the blade in a straight line process. These devices are used in the form of sheet metal or plate and include different operations such as undercutting, perforating and trimming. Now, with the advent of hydraulic shears, the blades are cut better. Hydraulic shears allow easy control of the shearing mechanism.

Types of Hydraulic Machines in the Machine Tool Industry

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Plasma cutting machines

Plasma cutting machines that operate automatically with computer assistance are very helpful when cutting thick workpieces. Products such as pipes and vents can be produced with precision using CNC embedded plasma cutters.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting is used to shape workpieces. It uses a high power laser with CNC to provide higher accuracy due to computationally controlled cutting. These CNC-powered laser cutting has promising applications in many cutting industries.

Nut Separators

The nut spreader with hydraulic function is mainly used to crack frozen and corroded nuts on flanges and is considered to be an efficient tool. The hydraulic characteristics make the nut separator suitable for explosive environments and it is designed in such a way that it does not damage bolts and studs during operation.

Hydraulic milling systems

Milling is in great demand in various industries due to its highly reliable and durable performance. This hydraulic function in milling is designed for long-term service with low maintenance requirements.

As machinery is increasingly used for various purposes, the mechanisms incorporated in it make the equipment work more robust and long term. Please drop us a line if you need to buy these machines, Years of working make us professional in that, We can quickly recommend suitable machines or complete equipment solutions to customers. High-quality export transportation and after-sales service allow customers to rest assured to cooperate with us for a long time. We are committed to provide best service for every customer.

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