QK1350 CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

QK1350 CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine

Jan. 11, 2022

QK1350 CNC pipe thread lathe is mainly used in the processing of external pipe thread positive metric, inch thread, and also can be used as general CNC lathe, for processing of shaft, disc-type parts machining cylindrical part, bore and end face machining.

1. Main specification:

Main spindle bore                              520mm

Pipe diameter range                           330-510mm

Max. swing diameter over bed                   1200mm

Max. swing diameter over slide                  610mm

Max. distance between centers                  3000mm

Bed width                                     755mm

Main spindle rotary speed and steps              6-205r/min / 9 steps

Feeding range                                 0.0001-40mm/rotary

Cutter cross slide movement stroke               500mm

Cutter bar section size                          80x80mm

Tailstock sleeve diameter                        140mm

Taper of tailstock sleeve                         Morse No.6

Tailstock sleeve stroke                           300mm

Main motor                                     37KW

Motor for clamping of electric powered chuck      3KW

Gear pump for lubrication                        2.5MPa

Coolant motor                                  0.15KW

Machine weight (about)                          17T

Machine over dimension                          6500x2200x1750mm

2. Standard accessories

Electric powered 4 jaw chuck 1000 mm 2 sets ;

Safety guard cover for chucks;

Rear safety curtain and front safety door;

Automatic lubrication system;

Coolant system ;

Working lamp; 

Steady rest; 

Dead center; 

Center sleeve; 

Manual tailstock;

Tools and tool box;

Foundation bolts;

English manual; 

3. Main parts origin

X/Z servo motors are from FANUC

X/Z ball screw is from Taiwan

Bearings are from China top one brand ZWZ ( http://www.zwz-bearing.com )

Cutter turret is from top one brand YTUM ( http://yantaiuniversal.en.alibaba.com )

Lubrication system is from China top one brand BIJUR ( http://en.bijurdelimon.cn )

Inverter is from famous brand INVERDEX ( http://www.inverdex.com )

4. The structure of the machine

The machine key components (bed, headstock, saddle, slide, cutter turret) are made of HT250 high-strength gray cast iron, three-stage aging treatment, especially natural aging less than 6 months, material properties

Stable, rigid strength, not easy to deformation, can withstand heavy cutting and to maintain long-term precision.

4.1 Body

 The machine bed rail through super audio hardening, precision grinding rails by High-precision grinding bed, so that the machine has excellent accuracy performance. In the saddle, the friction surfaces slide rails are bonded PTFE anti-wear soft with a low coefficient of friction, which increases the accuracy of the guide rail, and extend the life of the machine.

4.2 spindle unit

 Spindle made of 45 # hot-rolled thick-walled steel pipe, after modulation carefully processed, even within the organization, high rigidity and toughness, can withstand high torque, gravity cutting deformation.

AC main spindle drive system is driven by a pulley deceleration, and then through the headstock But after nine spindle speed conversion pass. Front and rear spindle bearings are used well-known brands, can withstand the radial and axial forces. This structure spindle low temperature, small thermal deformation.

4.3 two-axis feed

X-axis ball screw is fixed to the two support by a servo motor to drag the slider for the infeed movement by way of a cross coupling and the ball screw connection, this connection means high driving accuracy, good reliability.

Z-axis ball screw is fixed to the bottom of the X-axis perpendicular to the X axis of the two bearings, ball screw driven by a servo motor rotation to drag the saddle longitudinally feeding motion by two precision gears.

4.4 CNC cutter turret

From China top one brand ( Yantai Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group Co., Ltd. ) with high precision, smooth rotation, simple operation and so on.

4.5 Lubrication System

Using quantitative automatic centralized lubrication device produced by Nanjing Bache children. Ball screw, sliding rails and other parts for automatic timing quantitative lubrication.

5.Lathe machine working precision

5.1  Position precision

X-Axis  0.03/1000mm

Z-Axis  0.04/1000mm

5.2  Repeat position precision

X-Axis  0.012mm

Z-Axis  0.016mm   

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