Using Shear Machines: Ways to Ensure the Quality of Finished Products

Jan. 21, 2022

How to provide quality assurance for your metal products? Is it possible to maintain accuracy over time? These are some of the key concerns of professionals in the machining industry. While technological advances are included in shop tools, there are certain strategies that can be employed to ensure quality.

Understand the specification limits

Before starting operations, it is important to fully understand the specifications or components of the equipment. In order to obtain superior performance, the compatibility of the process with the workpiece material must first be considered. This will be considered a basic requirement for using shear machines without accuracy problems.


The backstop controls the drop of the workpiece material during machining. Regular adjustment is highly recommended, which also helps to maintain accurate machining settings and achieve superior performance.

Check the low front angle

If you are concerned about the quality of the cut, the blade is an important specification to ensure. When purchasing a hydraulic guillotine shear for processing thinner metals, it is best to ensure that the blade has a low leading angle as this will aid in strong and accurate cuts. Smaller gate type tools are equipped with adjustable front blades and proper adjustment management helps in gaining the advantages of finishing.

Using Shear Machines: Ways to Ensure the Quality of Finished Products

QC12Y/K Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Regular or routine inspections

Routine inspection of blades, bed surfaces, positioning features and other operational aspects is another important way to achieve perfect quality. In the case of hydraulic systems, checking the hoses may help prevent mechanical device delays.

Ensure blade alignment

In terms of obtaining machining results, it is important to ensure that blade adjustments are made according to the thickness and curvature of the workpiece and the tool. If the insert adjustment is not set properly, it may cause the workpiece material to break.

Slot Gap

Gib clearance is the small distance between the hold-down pin and the machined bed surface. Positioning is most important as this feature allows easy adjustment of the upper and lower inserts. It also acts as a support for the hammer and insert.

Using Shear Machines: Ways to Ensure the Quality of Finished Products

Hydraulic NC Metal Sheet Guillotine Shearing Machine

Correctly adjusting the hold-down pins

It is very important to adjust the manual hold down to the thickness of the workpiece to be machined. Incorrect adjustment or negligence can lead to overload and cause distortion. If distortion occurs, it will result in inaccurate machining.

Preventing vibration

Vibration can also cause distortion and eventually re-distortion. This is another way to reduce machining errors and maintain the advantages of the finished product.


In addition to investment prospects and meeting tooling needs, there are many methods that can be included or followed to ensure quality assurance of the shear. Visit HAVEN and contact us to find the best model of cutting equipment that can withstand quality assurance issues.

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