Hydraulic Press Brake Basic Advantages

Jun. 28, 2022

Hydraulic transmission is based on the 17th century Pascal proposed the principle of liquid static pressure transmission and the development of an emerging technology, in 1795 in London, England, using water as a working medium, in the form of a hydraulic press will be applied to industry, the birth of the world's first hydraulic press. 

Hydraulic Press Brake Basic Advantages

Hydraulic Press Brake CATA WE67K-160-3200-DA66T 8+1

In the past 20-30 years, the rapid development of hydraulic technology. Hydraulic drive has many outstanding advantages, so it is very widely used, such as:

General industrial plastic processing machinery, pressure machinery, machine tools, etc.

construction machinery, building machinery, agricultural machinery, automobiles, etc. for travel machinery.

Metallurgical machinery, lifting devices, roll adjustment devices for the steel industry, etc.

Flood gates and dam devices, river bed lifting devices, bridge manipulation mechanisms, etc. for civil engineering and water conservation.

turbine speed control devices for power plants, nuclear power plants, etc. 

deck lifting machinery, bow doors, bulkhead valves, stern thrusters, etc. for ships.

giant antenna control devices, measuring buoys, lifting and rotating stages, etc. for special technology.

Artillery maneuvering devices for military industry, ship de-swinging devices, aircraft simulation, aircraft landing gear retracting devices and rudder control devices, etc. 

Hydraulic Press Brake Basic Advantages

Hydraulic press brake

Hydraulic bending machine includes bracket, table and clamping plate, the table is placed on the bracket, the table consists of base and pressure plate, the base is connected to the clamping plate through the hinge, the base consists of seat shell, coil and cover plate, the coil is placed in the recess of the seat shell, the top of the recess is covered with a cover plate. In use, the coil is energized by the wire, and when energized, it exerts a gravitational force on the platen, thus achieving the clamping of the thin plate between the platen and the base.

Because of the electromagnetic force clamping, the platen can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and the workpiece with side walls can be processed. The bending machine can be changed by changing the bending machine tooling, thus meeting the needs of various workpieces.

Hydraulic Press Brake Basic Advantages

Hydraulic Press Brake WC67Y-80/3200


1、Based on the principle of hydraulic transmission, the implementation of the elements (cylinder and plunger or piston) simple structure, the structure is easy to complete a large task pressure, larger task space and longer task stroke, and thus the compliance is strong, easy to suppress large workpieces or longer and higher workpieces.

2、Extra maximum pressure of the press can occur at any position of the outer stroke. It can keep pressure for a long time at the lower conversion point, which is very much in demand for many processes.

3、The total travel of the ram can be changed at will within the specified range, and the lower changeover point of the ram travel can be controlled or changed according to the pressure or travel position.

4、The slider rate can be adjusted in a certain range and at a considerable level, so that it can meet the different requirements of the process on the slider rate. When using the pump indirect transmission, the adjustment of the slider rate can be related to the pressure and stroke.

5、Compared with the forging hammer, the task of single stable, impact, vibration and noise is smaller, the workers' health, plant base has a great benefit.

6、People can use simple methods to regulate or limit the pressure in a task cycle. Not easy to overload, easy to maintain.

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