What Can A CNC Lathe Produce and What Are Applications?

What Can A CNC Lathe Produce and What Are Applications?

May. 30, 2022

Computer numerical control (CNC) is defined as a method of automatically controlling a machine tool by using software embedded in a microcomputer on the tool. In this article, we will explore their capabilities, their best uses, and the many benefits they can bring to your production process. 

What are the different types of lathes?

A lathe is a stationary cutting tool that is primarily used to shape wood and metal known as workpieces. Lathes remove unwanted parts of the workpiece to produce the desired product. The motion of a conventional lathe is controlled manually by the operator. 

A CNC lathe is similar in function to a conventional lathe, but it performs the production process by using a software program. CNC lathes have many advantages. The required manpower is mainly used for skill specific tasks including loading raw materials into the machine, starting the program and checking the product. On the other hand, conventional lathes require highly skilled technicians to operate the machine.

CNC lathe machine

What can a CNC lathe produce?

The versatility of CNC lathes makes them an excellent tool for organizations in a wide range of industries, especially automotive, healthcare, electronics and aerospace. 

A CNC lathe can produce a range of products, from large products such as automotive frames and aircraft engines to smaller products such as surgical instruments, gears and garden tools. It can also produce a variety of structures, including flat surfaces, threads and cylindrical parts with inside and outside diameters. 

When determining which type of CNC lathe you want to purchase or which supplier to work with, consider the axes of each machine. The axes are often an indicator of the machine's capabilities. The lower the axis, the fewer components it can produce. The higher the axis, the more complex the function, including milling, tapping, drilling and boring operations.

Applications of CNC Lathes

The material machined on a CNC lathe is slowly sheared off. The result is a precise finished product or a complex part. Because these machines are so versatile, many industries use them, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, gunsmithing, sports, and more.

CNC lathes can produce flat surfaces and threads, or in the case of magnificent lathes, quite complex three-dimensional products. They can be used with great precision for small and large parts. Workpieces are usually held firmly in place by one or two centers, but material can also be held in place with a collet or fixture.

Some examples of items that can be manufactured on a CNC lathe include baseball bats, camshafts, bowls, crankshafts, cue sticks, signs, musical instruments, and table and chair legs.

CNC lathe machine


Care must be taken with CNC lathes. Although the process is automated, the operator must be aware of computer programming parameters, safety standards and other important information. Because of the lathe's attention to detail, a qualified professional must operate the machine. The manufacturing process is made easier by automation, which consists of complex commands and speeds directed by an internal computer, but a human operator must still oversee the entire process. This means that special training to develop the necessary skills is essential.

Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right CNC lathe, such as the quality of the fixture that keeps the workpiece stable and the tolerance level of the CNC lathe. Weight is an important factor in choosing a CNC machine. A heavy machine will withstand the violent vibrations and other operations that affect the efficiency of a CNC lathe. A lighter CNC lathe can lose its balance more quickly, which can affect output results.


The above outlines the basics of CNC lathes, to find more information about custom manufacturing services and equipment from domestic commercial and industrial suppliers, please visit HAVEN and you will get more details about the machine and we will reply to your email soon.

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