Advantages of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

May. 16, 2022

A great advantage of hydraulic shearing machines over older shearing machines is that they are controlled by a series of codes during actual operation. These codes are of many kinds. They are mainly generated by various combinations of permutations of characters. It depends on the application required to develop the codes in the specific job.

One of the major advantages of working with hydraulic shears is the ability to control the orientation, speed and intensity of the machine more accurately. The concept of digital control is to use computer programming to operate the machine through a combination of numbers.

In addition, the hydraulic shearing machine has a very clear advantage in terms of orientation.

When the machine rotates, the adjusting lever can rotate along the central axis without dead angle, and the machine has no big noise, which can make the operator work in a quiet environment and does not affect the working mood and health of people.

The production material is high strength stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and strength, and can still maintain high stability in the environment with large vibration amplitude.

Moreover, this machine is not only practical, but also beautiful in appearance, and has made great progress in safety protection. The hydraulic shearing machine is equipped with a strong self-defense fence. In the event of a machine breakdown, a fence separates the operator from the machine.

The light adjustment has also greatly improved speed. It can move the light quickly and find the right position, allowing a clearer view of the exact working situation, which will bring more convenience to the production process and machine operation.

Advantages of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

Hydraulic shearing machine parts

1、Shearing machine frame

The frame is made of welded steel plate, including the left and right plate, table, fixture and oil tank. Both sides of the frame are equipped with hydraulic cylinders and slider guide bracket, which is a kind of upward pushing mechanism that can control the blade gap. The hydraulic clamping cylinder on the clamping device can press the plate for shearing.

2. Knife holder

Fixed upper blade, connected with hydraulic cylinder, does up and down linear movement to transmit shearing force to achieve cutting purpose. In addition, the backstop mechanism is also fixed on the knife frame to achieve the positioning of the shear size.

3. Shearing blades

The upper and lower shear blades made of high-standard steel can be applied to shear from mild steel to stainless steel sheet, and the upper and lower blades have four interchangeable shear knives to improve the service life of the blades.

4、Backstop mechanism

Fixed in the knife frame, including the rear stopping material adjustment motor, micro-adjustment mechanism, rear stopping material lifting mechanism, digital display device, drive screw, guide bar, etc.. The movement of the back stop of the shearing machine is driven by the motor, which drives the back stop to run and realize the fixed-foot shearing.

Advantages of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

5. Oil tank

The oil tank is installed on the oil tank base behind the shearing machine, the left side of the oil tank is the hydraulic integrated valve block, hydraulic oil pump and the main motor. The left side of the oil tank is equipped with an oil level meter, hydraulic oil can be added to the middle of the oil level meter.

6、Gap adjustment device

Can be based on the gap between the upper and lower blades of shear material and plate thickness to achieve the best shear force, to protect the life of the blades and ensure product quality.

7. Front bracket

Workbench is also attached to the side block device, which is designed to ensure that the shear plate and both sides of the vertical.

8. Finger protection plate

Shear finger protection plate installed in the machine clamp, mainly used to control the finger safety distance. In order to ensure the safety of the finger distance, the plate into the backstop block, the finger can not be placed between the plate and the shear table, to prevent the plate and finger contact during the pressing process.

9. Hold down the cylinder

To prevent the plate from moving during the cutting process, the pressing cylinder is used to press the plate.

Advantages of Hydraulic Shearing Machines

10. Electrical system of shearing machine

The function of the electrical system mainly includes starting the oil pump motor drive oil pump to provide driving force for the hydraulic shear to provide control power; control circuit is mainly based on operating instructions connected to the solenoid valve and oil pressure, drive the knife frame up and down movement to achieve shearing purposes.

11, shearing machine hydraulic system

It consists of the main oil pump, hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinders, pressure cylinders, hydraulic pipes and other components.

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