CNC Lathe 101, Something You Are Interested In

Apr. 27, 2022

A CNC lathe machine is a tool that rotates a workpiece around its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, grinding, knurling, drilling or deforming, facing, turning, using tools applied to the workpiece to create objects that are symmetrical around the axis of rotation.

Use the lathe to shape various materials and perform various functions such as grinding, deforming, cutting, facing, knurling, drilling, turning, etc. Special tools are used to perform these different operations. Read on to learn more about lathe operation.


CNC Lathe 101, Something You Are Interested In

What is a lathe?

A CNC lathe is a machine that helps shape several pieces of material into a desired shape. The lathe rotates elements on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, facing, knurling, deforming, etc. Metal spinning, thermal spraying, woodturning and metalworking are typical lathe operations. Thanks to this miracle of work, you can even shape ceramics. No matter what material the lathe uses, the first thing to shape is metal or wood. The most commonly used lathe is the woodworking lathe.

A piece of wood is placed between the head and the lathe tailstock. Clamping is also used to machine components around a rotating axis with the help of a panel, clamps/jaws or collets/handles. Products made with CNC lathes include rods, musical instruments, candlesticks, table legs, baseball bats, gun barrels, camshafts, bowls, crankshafts, and more. There are many lathes of varying sizes and shapes depending on the job to be done.


Lathe Operations

The general operations performed on a lathe are grooving, turning, cutting, grinding, etc. If someone is going to operate a lathe, the first thing they need to know is the feed, cutting speed, depth of cut and tool usage. Each CNC lathe machining has its own factors that must be considered before doing this work. These factors should be used correctly to avoid mishandling and accidents when performing any CNC lathe machining. With each desired cut, the lathe speed, depth and feed will change to improve accuracy.

CNC Lathe 101, Something You Are Interested In

Conventional Lathe Machine Turning Lathe Machines C6251/C6256

There are many operations using a lathe. Some common lathe operations are


This is usually the first step in any CNC lathe operation on a CNC lathe. Metal is cut from the end to fit the shaft at a right angle and marks are removed.


Taper is the cutting of metal to an almost tapered shape with the help of a compound slide. This is the case between parallel turning and facing. If they are willing to change the angle, they can adjust the compound slider as needed.

Parallel Turning

Perform this operation to cut the metal parallel to the axis. Parallel turning is performed to reduce the diameter of the metal.


The part is removed so that it faces the end. To do this, the parting tool should be slowly engaged to perform the operation. To make a deeper cut, the parting tool is pulled out and transferred to the side of the cut to prevent the tool from breaking.

CNC Lathe 101, Something You Are Interested In

Types of lathes

Lathes can be divided into three types for easy identification: electric lathes, turret lathes, and specialized lathes. Some of the smaller ones are bench-mounted and some are portable. Larger lathes are mounted on the floor and may require special transportation if they need to be moved.

Turret lathes and specialized lathes are typically used for high volume production or shop or specialized parts, while basic electric lathes are typically used for all types of lathes.

Roll turning centers made of high quality materials ensure tensile strength and resistance to harsh conditions and high performance in the steel and metal industries used for grinding mills. It can also be used for the production of plastic and metal molds in various industries such as sugar, paper, cement and heavy industry. All gearboxes are made of the highest quality parts and have a durable construction for grinding, drilling, turning wood cutting, metal spinning, glass processing in various industries.

HAVEN sells all types and sizes of lathes, as well as hydraulic bending machines, light cutting machines, etc. We welcome your inquiries.

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