HAVEN 2000T Frame Type Hydraulic Press in Production

HAVEN 2000T Frame Type Hydraulic Press in Production

Mar. 24, 2022

The clients’ customized 2000T hydraulic press with worktable size 2500x4000mm has finished the assemble, will make shipment soon, here we post some processing photos, please kindly check. Thanks for the confidence for HAVEN Machine.


This series hydraulic press mainly applicable to all kinds of pressure vessel heads of cold and hot forming. can also be used for all kinds of thick and thin steel pressing drum, flanging, leveling process. frame adopts computer optimization design, hydraulic control is using cartridge valve integrated system , Reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic shock, reduced the connection lines and leak point. Independent electric control system, PLC control, reliable working sensitivity. Use pushbuttons controlling ,have manual and semi-automatic two operation modes.By moving the operation panel option, can achieve reset stroke and reset pressure two molding process.working pressure and stroke can according to process needs within the prescribed scope is adjustable.

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