A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines

Mar. 29, 2022

A CNC hydraulic bending machine is a large cold forming machine designed for precision metal forming processes. It bends sheet metal to form the desired contour. Some models can provide up to 4,000 tons of bending force during operation. Typical presses have widths from 4 to 30 feet.


A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines

Design and Construction

The basic components of a CNC hydraulic bending press include the hydraulic unit, control panel, controller with automatic feeder, pad, ram and frame. Below we describe some of the key components.


Bench and Column

The workbench consists of a base and a press plate. It is connected to the clamp plate by hinges. The column is part of the frame that supports all the components on the machine. The workpiece is bent on the bench.



The platen (or pad) is mounted on the base. Equipped with a tooling pad, this plate allows the bending machine to apply counter tension. The metal plate is fed between the support plate and the press guide and is formed by the upper and lower dies.

A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines

Ram/slider guide

The ram is the part that mounts the upper die and drives the die to press on the workpiece. The pressure of the ram is controlled by the CNC. The type of drive determines the pressure process as the punch moves. Rigid guidance and proper control is the key to extending the life of the CNC hydraulic bending machine.


Controllers and Feeders

Typically, CNC bending machines use an automatic feeder to continuously feed raw material into the forming area. Prior to loading, the material is handled by other machines, such as uncoilers and sheet metal straighteners.

A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines


Due to their simple design and working principle, hydraulic CNC bending machines offer many advantages. They are easy to operate, efficient, cost effective and versatile. Let's take a look at some of the benefits.


User-friendly operation

CNC bending machines are a simple and user-friendly unit. They are digitally operated machines that allow even semi-skilled operators to easily program and quickly produce all the necessary components. Inexperienced operators can use this machine correctly because the controller guides the user during the stage process.


Flexible CNC programming

Modular programming helps the user to set up the unit. Once the appropriate operation is selected, another set of options related to the manufacturing process (cycle time, degree of bending, flange length, stress, etc.) appears on the panel. After setting the variables, the values are displayed on the screen and the machine is ready to run.


A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines

Structural Integrity

Compared to other forming processes that require heat to melt parts together, bending machines can complete the task without heating and melting. This reduces cycle time while providing the same (and sometimes better) structural integrity of the part. This advantage also significantly increases overall productivity.



The CNC hydraulic bending machine offers a wide range of shapes and the freedom to bend sheet metal to almost any desired angle. In addition, it can process a wide variety of metal types. CNC systems ensure high precision in a variety of bends and unique configurations, and allow precise fit for multiple applications.


A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Hydraulic Bending Machines


As sheet metal forming machines, CNC hydraulic bending machines are often used in conjunction with shearing machines and sheet metal angle cutting machines to form complex surface contours on sheet metal. With superior forming capabilities and accuracy, CNC hydraulic bending machines are becoming increasingly popular in many industrial applications, including transportation, military, energy, aerospace, automotive and more.

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