Lathe machines in final testing

Lathe machines in final testing

Jul. 09, 2021

There are several units lathe machines are in final testing for the client,they will be finished and sent to the client side in the end of this month.

They are all heavy horizontal lathe,here we list some information about this type lathe machine.

The heavy-duty horizontal lathe has high technical content, strong rigidity, stable precision, high efficiency and energy saving, and high power. It is suitable for powerful or high-speed cutting of heavy machinery parts with large diameters, such as large flanges, heavy shafts and pipe fittings, various valves, Steam turbine accessories, etc., are widely used in wind power, petroleum, chemical, paper, textile, mining, shipbuilding, aviation, rubber, molds, auto parts, and processing such as steam turbine rotors, shrouds, generators, water turbine rotors, machine spindles, hoists, etc. And other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.


This series of CNC heavy-duty lathe adopts modular design. This series of machine tools has the advantages of large carrying capacity, high precision, reasonable structure, wide application range, and convenient operation. It can be used for CNC automatic machining of conical surfaces, curved surfaces, stepped shafts, grooves and threads. Equipped with different accessories, it can be used for grinding, milling and machining of curved shafts. The DL series host can match the numerical control systems produced in various countries (standard configuration SIEMENS-840D system). The key parts including the bed, headbox, and tool holder are all made of Meehana high-strength cast iron, which has good material stability, can withstand heavy cutting and maintain accuracy for a long time. The main shaft is driven by a high-power motor, with high horsepower and high torque, which can achieve high-precision heavy cutting even at low speeds. The feed system adopts an enlarged diameter, pre-stretched ball screw, which increases the rigidity of the screw and can effectively prevent the thermal deformation of the screw. All lower rails are made of imported high-wear-resistant copper plates. The scraping method is used to reliably ensure the maximum contact area. The super-large bed and headbox structure support ensures that the machine runs and processes various parts rigidly. The operation panel has been carefully designed and is easy to operate, which enhances the convenience of operating the machine tool. The use of the most advanced PRO-E, 3D design software, dynamic simulation and structural analysis can ensure rigidity and stability without causing excessive design waste.

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