CNC Shearing Machine VS. Hydraulic Shearing Machine

CNC Shearing Machine VS. Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Aug. 10, 2022

Today, there are different types of shearing machines on the market. In this blog, HAVEN will explain two common tools, CNC shears and hydraulic shears, introducing their respective features to help you make your choice.

Hydraulic shearing machine

●The hydraulic pendulum shear has a steel welded construction, hydraulic drive and accumulator return. This effective and attractive machine is easy to operate. The blade clearance adjustment indicator helps align the shadow light quickly and easily. The top blade clearance can be adjusted for full travel, while the shorter clearance helps protect the user. It has a digital display that shows the stock position and shear count of the backstop. The machine also allows for spindle margin and has a stock counter, Internet time relay, inch-mm selector; and the integration factor can be easily programmed.

●Another type is the hydraulic guillotine shear, which has a rugged, stress-resistant steel welded construction. The hydraulically driven tool holder can be retracted by means of a cylinder accumulator. Moreover, the front angle and back stop stroke can be adjusted with fine adjustment knobs to reduce shear deformation. Features a digital counter that indicates cutting time; and an oscillating backstop for cutting long sheets.

●The indicator helps to easily and quickly adjust the clearance of the four-edge cutting blade. The full short stroke of the knife holder is also adjustable. It even includes a three-guide trolley that moves precisely to provide superior shear force. The front preloaded guide structure forces the tool carrier to move continuously along the top and bottom guides without any gaps. In addition, blade clearance can be adjusted for a variety of plates for better shear.


CNC Shearing Machine

●CNC swing beam shearing machine with strong and durable steel welded frame; hydraulic drive and swing tool holder. The full short stroke is adjustable and the return stroke of the cylinder is fast and smooth. It has a hand wheel to adjust the clearance between the upper and lower blades. The closed-loop control system includes CNC control and position encoder; it ensures fast speed, high accuracy and stability.

●In addition, CNC shearing machine is another variety that uses advanced hydraulic shearing method. The all-welded, tough steel structure is used to eliminate internal stresses caused by heat treatment, and the structure is stable. The latest hydraulic system provides optimum reliability; three pairs of hardened steel, guide rails and trolleys reduce bearing clearance to improve shear force. It has a quick, easy and precise handwheel to adjust blade clearance.

●The rectangular blade has better and durable edges; the adjustable front angle minimizes board deformation and distortion; and the top blade holder tilts the structure for easy undercutting and accurate cutting. The top blade can be adjusted for full-stroke or short-stroke operation, and it features segmented shear and illuminated alignment, motorized backstop and digital display. The swing function of backstop can cut longer plates. The tilting structure of the top blade holder makes it easy to lower the material and cut accurately.


●Shears are used for a variety of industrial applications such as cutting, pressing, stamping, bending and drawing sheet metal of various sizes.

●Shearing involves evaluating many factors, including the type of shear, the capacity required, options to increase productivity and safety. A quality shearer manufacturer can save hours on further processes such as bending, welding and assembly. Shearers can make straight cuts on flat sheets and provide straighter edges and torch cuts. Easy-to-use CNC controllers automatically adjust the cutting angle and blade clearance.


Shearing machine supplier HAVEN offers globally reliable components while providing low maintenance and high safety protection. Send us a message to get a quote!

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