7 Common Applications of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Nov. 18, 2022

Fiber laser cutting machines are 100 times more powerful than gas laser machines. Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used due to their range of powerful features. This article introduces 7 applications of fiber laser cutting machines.

Fiber laser cutting machine

1. Medical Devices

Fiber laser cutting machines play an important role in the medical field. From cutting small parts for truly complex medical devices to performing laser surgery on human tissue, laser cutting is used in every step of the medical field.

2. Kitchenware

Laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting thin stainless steel plates with high speed and accuracy, which enables customized and personalized product development and is deeply loved by kitchen and bathroom manufacturers.

3. Automotive

Fiber laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting smaller and more complex parts used in automobiles, and can also cut hydroformed parts with high precision, i.e. metal parts formed in 3D shapes. Examples include automotive doors, automotive exhaust pipes, etc.

Fiber laser cutting machines can be used not only for cutting metal, but also specifically for cutting some other materials, such as fabric used for airbags. Unlike traditional processes that use blades, it does not leave abrasion when cutting fabric.

4. Jewelry

Fiber laser cutting machines can provide jewelry manufacturers with precise cuts in jewelry, superior edge quality, the ability to cut complex shapes, and achieve high throughput in less time. It is a reliable and cost-effective technology that is widely used in the industry today.

5. Fitness Equipment

Due to the national emphasis on exercise and health and the development of personal health concepts. Square fitness equipment and home fitness equipment are gradually developed and the demand is gradually increasing. Pipe cutting basically, the use of a pipe fiber laser cutting machine to cut the pipe is convenient and fast.

6. Textile

Fabric laser cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular in the textile industry because of their high precision, clean cuts, sealed fabric edges to prevent abrasion, and the ability to cut different types of fabrics such as polyester, silk, cotton, leather, nylon, and neoprene.

7. Advertising industry

Laser cutting machine is popular in the advertising industry because of their fast cutting speed, flexible cutting, and the ability to quickly form many complex graphics. As long as the customer needs, CAD is done, the relevant materials can be cut directly, and customization is no problem at all. In addition, the advertising industry has more customized products, and the traditional way is very inefficient. Laser cutting machine is very suitable for the industry.

Fiber laser cutting machine has established themselves in the laser field. Shaanxi Haven Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines in China, popular for its technological innovations in various areas of laser applications.

For more information about fiber laser cutting machines visit this link.

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