The New CNC Lathe Has Been Completed

Jun. 21, 2024

The new CNC lathe has been completed and the machine is running for test. We can customize the lathe for customers. Please send us your processing requirements and we will recommend a professional machine to you. Welcome to contact with us.

 The New CNC Lathe Has Been Completed

Shaanxi Haven Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the leading lathe machine manufacturers with a focus on delivering high-quality, professional metal lathe machinery to our clients. We can provide CNC, manual and semi-automatic lathe machines that can efficiently perform tasks such as pipe fitting and thread repair.

The New CNC Lathe Has Been Completed


We provide you with customized services. On the basis of standard models, you can customize the processing length, operation control method, machine color, power supply voltage and packaging method to meet your specific usage needs.

The New CNC Lathe Has Been Completed

We have the ability to quickly recommend suitable machines and provide complete equipment solutions. We also provide detailed machine descriptions, can answer your questions promptly, and welcome you to visit our facilities if you wish.

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