QK1327 CNC oil Pipe Lathe ready for shipment

QK1327 CNC oil Pipe Lathe ready for shipment

Apr. 15, 2021

QK1327 CNC oil Pipe Lathe is ready for shipment.

The machine will be running and testing in the workshop,the clinet will get the detailed testing VDO and photos before delivery.

For you reference,here we also list some information about this series machine.

QK CNC pipe lathe machine

QK CNC pipe threading lathe is a specialized machine tools, pipe processing on petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, oil pipe, casing,

drill pipe processing requirements of the professional design and manufacture, and is mainly used to process inside and outside the pipe

thread, the numerical control system, automatic control can be accurately for a variety of internal and external thread (the metric threads,

the inch thread, taper pipe) for processing, can also be used as a common CNC lathes, cylindrical inner hole and end surface of workpiece

and the conical surface processing.

The machine has a high degree of automation, good efficiency and high precision scope widely characteristics such as simple operation

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