CNC Lathe machine CK6140/750 Finised for the client

CNC Lathe machine CK6140/750 Finised for the client

Jan. 08, 2024

The new batch of CNC Lathe machine are finished for the Client.

The mentioned new baches of CNC lathe machine are made for Indonisia client for the production line of valves,so the CK6140/750 will be enought for the production,

For you reference,here we list some information about this model number CNC Lathe machine,please kindly refer.

Main specifications

Maximum turning diameter of the bed           Φ400mm

Center distance mm                          750/1000/1500/2000mm

Maximum cutting diameter                    Φ400mm

Maximum turning diameter on slider            φ220mm

Spindle end type and code                     A2-6

Taper of spindle front hole                     1: 20

Spindle hole diameter                        Φ52mm

Spindle speed range                          80-2200 r/min

The maximum output torque of the spindle        480 Nm

Motor                                      5.5kw

3-jaw Chuck diameter                         φ200mm

X axis rapid traverse speed                      4 m/min

Z axis rapid traverse speed                      8 m/min

X axis stroke                                 220 mm

Z axis stroke mm                              750/1000/1500/2000mm

Tailstock sleeve diameter                       Φ65 mm

Tailstock sleeve length                          130 mm

Taper of tailstock spindle taper                   Morse 4

Tools holder post                              Vertical 4-stations

Tool handle size                               20X20mm

Diameter of boring bar                         ф20 mm

Machine net weight                            1500/1800/2000/2200kg

Machine width                                1400mm

Machine height                               1500mm

Machine Length                               2250/2400/2900/3300mm

CNC system                                  GSK / SIEMENS / FANUC ( as customer’s requirement)

CNC Lathe machine CK6140/750 Finised for the client

CK6140/750 CNC Lathe machine working VDO

1. Lathe bed

The bed is cast with resin sand technology and has good quality. The guide rail is quenched and ground with high hardness and high precision.

2. Main spindle system

The main drive system adopts stepless frequency conversion design to realize stepless speed change in gears, which fully meets the user needs for each speed range. The spindle has the advantages of high rigidity, high torque and wide speed range. The head of the machine tool adopts a two-support spindle structure, and the front and rear supports are The main support, the rear end is the auxiliary support. Spindle assembly adopts a high-rigidity structure composed of two-way thrust ball bearings and NN series double-row short cylindrical roller bearings. The rear end is a ball bearing auxiliary support. There are 5pcs bearings on the main shaft ( 3pcs model 7218 Φ90,  2pcs model 7214 Φ70 ). The lubrication adopts the splash lubrication structure in the box, and the advanced spindle structure adds the perfect process measures ensure that the main drive system has high rigidity and rotation accuracy, and high accuracy retention.

The speed range of the machine tool is 80~2200r/min

3. Feed system

X, Z axis feed adopts the form of direct connection between servo feed motor and ball screw through an elastic coupling. And X shaft ball screw support bearing adopts a high rigidity angular contact bearing with a shaft diameter of 20mm. The Z-axis ball screw is fixed at one end and supported at the other end.

The X and Z-direction guide rails are in the form of sliding guide rails. The guide rails are subjected to intermediate frequency quenching, and the hardened layer is uniformly deep to more than 3mm. Hardness up to

Above HRC52, the sliding surface of the carriage is covered with plastic, so that the rigidity of the feed system, the friction damping coefficient and other dynamic and static characteristics are at the best status. It has the characteristics of large contact area, high load-bearing capacity, good accuracy retention, and good seismic resistance.

4. Tail stock

Tailstock The bottom of the taper hole of the tailstock sleeve of the machine tool is equipped with a tool stop block to prevent the tool loaded in the taper hole from rotating. Tail seat relies on a one-way guide rail for lateral movement and is adjusted by screws. Before moving, loosen the locking handle, the pressure plate and the strip screw. After adjustment, tighten again. The tailstock body and sleeve are lengthened to avoid interference between the knife holder and the tailstock. After releasing the lock handle of the tailstock, the entire tailstock moves on the bed rail.

5. Lubrication system

Lubrication system adopts centralized quantitative automatic lubrication device. Quantitative and automatic for ball screws, slides, bed saddles, etc. Lubricate regularly. The screw bearings are lubricated with grease. The spindle bearing is lubricated with oil in the box.

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